Happy Birthday Ben!

In honor of Mr. Benjamen Risinger’s 35th birthday, I am here to share with you 35 (of the countless) reasons I love him.

It’s hard to describe in words how much I love this man, but this is a start. In no particular order…

1. His toy collection is bigger than my shoe collection.

2. He can grow a fine mustache.

3. His enthusiasm for the little things is rare and contagious.

4. His love of Chuck Taylors mirrors mine.

5. His hardworking spirit.

6. His love of his family is apparent and strong.

7. He was cuffing his jeans before the hipsters were cuffing their jeans.

8. He grills a mean steak.

9. He picks up after me.

10. He surprises me with thoughtful gifts (“Here’s a lava lamp for your desk at work…because flowers die”).

11. His smile.

12. His love of his dog Nala, whom he’s allowed me to adopt and become Dog Mama to.

13. He does the laundry because I’m afraid of the basement.

14. He listens to me.

15. He holds my hand.

16. He always kisses me goodnight.

17. He’s great with kids (particularly our nephews Ivan and Evan).

18. He suffers through me singing in the car and doesn’t ever ask me to stop.

19. He always asks to “Text me when you get there.”

20. He would do anything for a friend.

21. He lets me fall asleep in his recliner almost every night.

22. He loves me for me.

23. He cares about my family.

24. He is a neat freak but doesn’t freak when I throw my stuff everywhere.

25. He likes to shop the clearance section of Target maybe more than I do.

26. He puts everyone else first.

27. He says hello to strangers when we are out and about.

28. He likes the Spice Girls.

29. He appreciates when I do little things for him.

30. He’s so darn handsome.

31. He likes to karaoke.

32. He makes me laugh and smile and cry in a good way.

33. He doesn’t get mad at me if I am on my phone too much (because chances are, he’s on his, too).

34. He smells good.

35. He’s my best friend.


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